My dissolving figural pieces indicate the passage of time and the notion that nothing is permanent. The human body is merely a sanctuary for the soul; a temporary home. Though our souls live on, our bodies decay and become one with the earth. The concept, “From dust we were created, and to dust we shall return” is woven throughout my ceramic torsos, as they are created from red clay. There is a sense of sadness to them, as they depict the disintegration of what once existed. They also carry a sense of vulnerability, as they are fragile from having been unearthed. Exposed openly to whomever has excavated them, they invite the viewer to reflect on what used to be. However, these pieces are not fragile, due to having withstood salt-kiln firing. The integration of the salt creates warm and natural tones that give my pieces an organic feel. Salt is another intertwining thread, as it is an element of the earth, while also being found in the blood, sweat and tears of the human race.

     Through my figural paintings, I take the existing human form and transcend it into an imaginary space. A space in time that exists only for a moment; where two realities overlap, but only for a second. I am able to show these multiple realities through the technique of double-exposure, which is the layering of two images atop one another with flexible use of opacity filters to create one image. The resulting painting contains the subsequent image superimposed over the original. The layering of images creates a dreamy essence, taking us to a place frozen in time. Perhaps it’s a place inside the mind, perhaps it’s a time-lapse of one’s soul. Much like my torso figures, my paintings carry with them a sense of unearthing. I strive to capture these moments of discovery, in hopes the viewer will ask himself what was, and what could be.

     Lastly, my abstract pieces are inspired by poems I have written. The words are assembled in my mind, but they come from the deepest parts of my heart, where I believe the human soul resides. Though each poem has a different meaning, all have been inspired by the true wonders of nature. The changing of the seasons, the magnificent colors in sunsets, the dripping dew on flowers, etc. The outside world calls to me, as I find many parallels with human beings and the behavioral changes of nature. As humans, we have been created by an artist much greater than I, who has taken sand from the Earth and dust from the stars. Though we are made from these elements, we are set apart by our capacity to feel. Nature gives us something truly remarkable to reflect upon, but the true essence of our feelings lies within us, within our souls.